String bending uses the same technique

Instead of alternating between two pitches, the tones (usually semitones or tones) are bent to new notes and held there. You can add vibrato to this new note or bend it down as needed. You can also bend to the note before picking and then release the bend as you play the bend. It's best to bend with your second or third finger, because these are the strongest. Also, it's important to observe your tone while playing a corner. Another technique is sliding, which produces a similar curved sound. This is another very common technique heard in major guitar performances, so it needs to be mastered by those who are serious about learning how to play an cheap electric guitar. To play a slideshow, simply select a note and slide your finger up or down onto the fretboard. This second note can be picked up when you arrive, or ringing from the original note to your liking.
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