Psyonix will give you some in-sport legacy rewards

If you buy the sport earlier than it becomes free, Psyonix will give you some in-sport “legacy” rewards, which includes all of the Rocket League-branded DLC and over 2 hundred in-recreation gadgets used to Rocket League Trading  personalize your vehicles, which includes antennas, decals, and wheels.
Psyonix also showed that existing players can have get right of entry to to cross-platform development linking, permitting them to hyperlink their platforms to the Epic Games Account and deliver over their progress made on a unique recreation platform.
In addition to switching to a free-to-play version, Psyonix also confirmed earlier this month that Rocket League will not require PS4 and Nintendo Switch players to have a subscription to  play on-line. Xbox One proprietors, alas, nonetheless want an Xbox Live Gold membership.
Posted in Commentary on March 16 at 03:00 AM

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