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Then once you assembled all the sections of your boat you can add things such as a flag or have the symbol of a clan on it. Then you may hire a crew. It's possible to hire a navigator, chef, pirate, etc., to OSRS gold help take care of your ship. You might also put cannons or catapults in your ship to battle other enemy ships. This would be part of a mini-game.
Then you can sail your ships into different islands, however, you would have more immediate control over your ship. To sail your boat you need to have a navigator along with a priest to help show you the way to steer and operate the boat. As soon as you get to a certain level you will not require a Captain or Navigator. You can have different rooms like cottages, a kitchen (That's where the Chef comes in), and even a war room in which you coordinate battles (Part of that mini-game see below). Well now on to this Mini-Game...
Mini-game: Battleship (Looking for new titles, but the battleship was the first that came to my mind) Objective: Destroy other ships and protected any loot they've. The way to play you set sail with your boat and you're able to sail into any waters in runescape.
If your ship starts sinking you can attempt to rescue it by using boards, nails, saw and a hammer. If your boat sinks you don't lose any items you have on you, you just lose your ship. Then you have to re-build your ship or you can just rent one or buy one from another player or NPC. In addition you get kill-points for killing other players ships in which you can buy things for your boat like boards, navagators, sails etc.. Overall it seems like a fairly cool ability. I would love to hear any questions or suggestions which you have on this fantastic new ability! Thanks!
I am free to cheap RuneScape gold play and I've seen noobs at most of the good places to train atk. We want someplace else to train someplace the noobs cant get into. So this is my idea. Lvl 70+ may make a monster home for 25k. Each room u can make for 10k. U want 70+ battle to produce this house and more than 1000 total lvl to keep noobs out.
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