Timothy - a young single man

Thinking of Timothy while travelling to my office (as we are reading and going to complete 1 St Timothy by tomorrow, in our family @ BP) am a little amazed of the fact that Paul was writing to Timothy to appoint Overseers and Helpers in the Church, whose most important quality is like 'they should run their own family in a good way and make their children obey them in truth'(1st timothy Chapter 3), interestingly Br Timothy, was a single man, at that time (not sure got married or not?!?!?!? as no trace-ability provided in Bible for that). Paul advised Timothy to be good example and in chapter 4 verse 12, he also add to his point 'consider all sisters of young age as your own sisters'. So i am thinking if Timothy, a single man can be a good example to the whole church at Ephesus, why can't we youths be a model for this age Christians/?/ added Timothy's journey started as a believer,grown in such a way to disciple, co-worker of Paul, ambassador of Christ through Paul, Church leader at Ephesus and finally he died as a martyr when he tried to stop a procession of Diana (a famous goddess of first century Ephesus ) by preaching Gospel...
Till today and even till the world ends Timothy stand as a great challenge for young christian world to live a life for Christ's sake.


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