Tamil Keyboard lessons/A simple Intro-2/தமிழ் இசைப் பலகைப் பயிற்சி-2/ஓர் எளிய அறிமுகம்.

Hey friends, I just shot this video without any prior idea of posting or marketing it. But as we know any hard work we do now, would not fail us in future. So just stay connected to learn with me in an easy way and use it in your churches for the Glory of "HIM", the reverence to Him alone.

Put your effort, spend time for hours together, and practice more and more avoiding the distracting entertainments and entangles, so that God can use our brain like the Wright brothers, and so we would create something new that gives glory to God. God bless all.

Hey, guys, I mentioned this video as "Keyboard Krumbz" is because I'm just giving you the titbits of my learnings. And I said my name as "Buddy Pawson" is one of my favorite nicknames.
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