Madden 21 Golden Tickets Players Release 6 includes Younghoe Koo and Jonathan Ogden

More Madden 21 Golden Ticket players have joined the Ultimate Team because Release 6 brings four other upgrade cards to the game. These include kicker Younghoe Koo, wide receiver CeeDee Lamb and Jonathan Ogden. However, this is no ordinary Ogden card. He is not only a 99 OVR gold ticket, but also a quarterback position. Let's take a look at the latest cards published in MUT, as well as the attributes and prices involved. All characters can be unlocked through MUT 21 Coins.

In what appears to be the last group of Madden 21 Golden Ticket players, Release 6 will be officially available in the game on Friday, June 4. Leading the foursome are 11 professional bowlers, Super Bowl champions and Hall celebrities. Tackle/Guard Jonathan Ogden gets a card and now he can play quarterback for your ultimate team. His GT attributes are 99 throwing power, 99 depth accuracy, 99 running, 98 play action, 97 pressure throw and 96 short distance accuracy. He has only 67 speed, but what do people expect from a player his size?

Wide receiver CeeDee Lamb is a favorite of cowboy fans. The young star's 99 GT cards include 99 Catch it Traffic, 99 Spectacular Catch, and then Deep Route, Short Route, Catching and Speed 97s. As you might expect, he is a deep threat prototype in the game. If the player likes this character, he can unlock it through madden 21 coins.

The defensive tackle Geno Atkins also brought a new upgraded GT project. His card is a prototype of Power Rusher, and the full 99 seconds can be used for tackles, match recognition, blocks, power and skill moves. Like other cards, he has other available upgrades, including superstar/X factor and chemicals. You can easily unlock it by Madden Coins.

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